Other Artists

Ilana Richardson

Ilana Richardson - Watercolourist

Ilana Richardson travels extensively to gather inspiration for her fresh and sunny watercolours. She is at her best depicting the interplay of light and colour found in the Mediterranean and the tropics. Her work is internationally collected.

Nigel Stenning

Nigel Stenning - Blacksmith

Nigel Stenning is a blacksmith who is forging ahead the strong artistic heritage of the Sussex village of Ditchling. As well as making the new village sign in 2009, he accepts practical commissions and simply enjoys bending metal into creative works of art.

Michael Embden

Michael Embden - Watercolourist (died 2012)

Michael Embden was driven by a passion for the natural world to paint large, detailed watercolours of wild landscapes, particularly the South Downs.

Julia Clifton

Julia Clifton - Glass Painter

Julia Clifton embellishes crystal glassware with hand painted floral imagery using translucent paints. These specialist paints allow light to shine through, bringing an added dimension to the finished work.

Annelies Clarke

Annelies Clarke - Painter

Annelies Clarke is a multi-talented Renaissance artist, who has studied both in Rotterdam and Florence. She paints in both oils and watercolours, designs and makes stained-glass pieces, and also accepts a small number of portrait commissions each year.

Brenda Hartill

Brenda Hartill - Printmaker

Brenda Hartill defies the traditional rules of etching to create richly coloured and deeply textured abstract images, embellishing them with leaves of precious metal. Her enduring, popular work is widely exhibited.